With the news that the government has again extended Furlough until April 2021 we thought we would clarify the calculations to help you.

The Calculation

> The maximum amount that can be claimed is up to £2,500 a month (£576.92 a week)

> To work out 80% of your employee’s wage.

– Start with the wage payable for the period (if the pay varies use the amount that they earned in the same period last year or take an average monthly wage)

– Divide by the total number of days in the pay period you are calculating for (e.g. if payroll is monthly then it will be 30/31 days)

– Multiply by the number of furlough days you are claiming the money for ( e.g. 31 days if December)

– Multiply by 80%

> The outcome will determine if you claim either £2,500 (if 80% of your employees wage is larger than £2,500) or 80% of the wage (if smaller than £2,500)

For Example

Employees Salary: £20,000 per year / 12 (months) = £1,666.67 a month

Pay period: December (31 days)

Number of furlough days (furlough start date – furlough end date): from 01/12/2020 to 31/12/2020 = 31 days

Calculation: £20,000/12/31*31*80%= £1,333.33

Answer: £1,333.33 is less than £2,500 therefore £1,333.33 should be claimed from HMRC

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